The Version 1.5 is released

Here are the extensive innovations of the Version 1.5 in detail:

  1. Our software has received a new name "MobiFolders" and a new application icon which visually indicates the Sync feature that is introduced in this version. The product portal has been moved to here :-)

  2. The client network protocol SMB/CIFS for connecting to Windows, Mac OS X and many NAS servers

  3. The Sync feature of MobiFolders sets new standards in the iOS apps.

    In addition to the options to set various sync scenarios (also offered by other apps) we found it very important to implement the following functionalities:

    ✓ Prior to performing the synchronization the user will be informed what operations are planned. After the sync analysis, the application displays a summary structured according to the operation group ("Add", "Overwrite" and "Delete") for the respective pages (MobiFolders and Remote). Each of the group specifies the number of files and the volume in MB. The user can open the respective group to see the names of affected files. In this way the sync process in MobiFolders is not a black box.

    ✓ Usually complex folder structures are synchronized. MobiFolders is able to synchronize any subfolder junction separately.


    The sync parameters are entered under "Example-Sync" folder and can be used for a part-sync in any of its subfolders. This is a very helpful feature if only a part of complex data structures is required to be up-to-date. In case of slow network connection the part-sync is a real gain.

    ✓ Sync targets can be entered into each folder. This includes subfolders that also allow their own sync targets. In this way complex sync scenarios can be realized according to your needs.

  4. When during the processing of import, export or sync the home button is pressed, first processing continues in the background. The iOS allows these operations to continue up to 10 minutes. We have reduced the limit to 9 minutes to have time for controlled closing of the operation if necessary. After 5 minutes MobiFolders reminds about the process running in the background and send a system notification.

  5. Dropbox wants to soon terminate the interface which the program previously used. We implemented the current interface of Dropbox in MobiFolders.

We hope that Apple unlocks this version for the App Store soon.


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