The version 1.6 received the status "Waiting For Review"

MobiFolders version 1.6 has been uploaded on the 14.01.2013 at Apple for testing:

In this version we have implemented the following points:

  1. ZIP/RAR function
    Now it is possible to compress folders and files in ZIP format or to unpack ZIP and RAR files. It supports multiple compression algorithms as well as password protection with strong AES encryption.

  2. Improving the "computer search function"
    Last but not least we would like to inform you that already from the previous version (1.5) our program is able to communicate with Windows, Mac and many NAS systems as client. To achieve this we have implemented the elaborate network protocol SMB/CIFS in MobiFolders. As part of this expansion we introduced the possibility to search computers on the network to facilitate parameter input.

  3. Multiple accounts at Dropbox
    Starting with this release it is possible to link multiple accounts in MobiFolders with Dropbox.
    As a new interface for Dropbox has been implemented in version 1.5, the old links were no longer valid. To solve this problem we recommend to delete the old link and to link the program with Dropbox again.

  4. Other enhancements
    ✓ Password protected pdf filies can be opened with the integrated viewer
    ✓ Increase the performance of sync with Windows and NAS systems
    ✓ Adjustments for iOS 6.1 (based on beta 4 of iOS 6.1)


We hope that Apple unlocks this version for the App Store soon.


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