The Version 1.8 is released

In this version we have implemented the following points:

  1. New cloud connections
    ✓ Google Drive *
    ✓ Sky Drive

    * Please note:
    The cloud connection Google Drive allows you to save multiple files with the same name in one folder. As this is unfavourable for our sync function, we have completely disabled this cloud for the sync feature. All current apps handle Google Drive this way.
    The cloud Sky Drive is supported with full functionality, i.e. import, export and sync are available.

  2. Background processing of the WebDAV server
    In previous versions the in program integrated server stopped as soon as the iPad home button had been pressed. Starting with this release, processing continues up to 9 minutes, whereby the time limit results from the restrictions of the operation system.

    This functionality is very useful, e.g. to save a file from another app in MobiFolders or to download a file from MobiFolders without using the function "open in…". For this purpose "WiFi data transfer" has to be activated first. Then you can switch to any other app and access the data from MobiFolders. More details about this topic you can read in the Bulletin 3 which installs itself with the update.

  3. Adjustment of deletion methods in MobiFolders
    In version 1.7 a mistake occurred, i.e. we have accidentally disabled a method of deleting. We have rectified this.

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