The Version 1.9 is released

In this version we have implemented the following points:

  1. The new PDF-viewer
    ✓ Saves all annotations directly into the PDF document
    Various possibilities for annotations
    Searching for text content in PDF
    Creating of notes, bookmarks, etc.
    Pages turn
    Selectable rotation lock
    and much more...

  2. Improvement of the import function for E-mail
    Don’t worry, the basic procedures for importing e-mails remain unchanged. However, the new PDF viewer brings some advantages for your imported e-mails. You may have noticed that so far e-mails were unfortunately displayed blurry. This bad image sharpness resulted from the e-mails being saved as graphics.

    Now e-mail files are created in a native PDF format. This means absolute sharpness when looking at your mail. On the other hand, all of the features of the new PDF viewer can be used to edit.

  3. The optional "Reminders" module as fee based in app
    Our reminders, which are linked with files or folders work in a similar way to the reminders of the operating system.

    From now on, a small clock icon is located next to every file and folder. This icon lets you access the reminders of the respective object. When creating a reminder, you can specify the following data:

    a reason as a kind of title or name
    date and time for the reminder
    a short note
    the status of the reminder (open or completed)

    Further information please refer to this link "Introduction to reminders.pdf".
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