MobiFolders 2 - the new File Manager and PDF Editor

MobiFolders 2 - the new File Manager and PDF Editor for iPad is available in the app store.

The dynamic development of the operating system (iOS) was the main reason of our decision to develop MobiFolders in a completely new architecture taking into account the potential of the latest programming environment. The result is gigantic. MobiFolders 2 is the fastest file manager for iPad and that even with very large amounts of data. The start time on an iPad Air is less than 1 second regardless of the number of managed files. In addition the application has a higher reliability through a new memory management.

Ten months of intensive development work of a team including 3 programmers, graphical user interface designer, project manager and countless tester a preceded this version.

The most important issues of the programming were:

  • Increasing the internal processing speed
  • Expanding the possibilities for editing PDF files
  • Adaptation of the design of iOS 7
  • Implementation of the SMB 2 network protocol
  • Substantial increase of usability


The PDV-Viewer offers now several new features that allow also editing of PDF files:

  • Creating empty PDF files that can be used for notes or documentation
  • Adding or deleting pages
  • Exporting page sections via “open in” or mail
  • "Save under" to extract some pages into another document


SMB 2 is a communication protocol for networks, which was introduced by Microsoft with Windows Vista and Server 2008 products. The implementation of this protocol means for the users of MobiFolders:

  1. shorter transmission times by significant performance increase
  2. wider range of NAS - devices (Network Attached Storage) that SMB 1 doesn't support, such as e.g. time capsule of Apple

If you are more interested in this topic and Apple's decision about the switching to SMB2 you can read following blog by CNET.


For the next update we are planning to implement in MobiFolders two more network protocols, FTP (optional with SSL) and SFTP. Certainly we have more ideas we intend to implement soon. Here we would like to ask you to let us know your suggestions, recommendations and also critic.

We are strongly convinced that it is the best way to make this software with each further version a big piece better.

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