The new MobiFolders 3 is in the App Store!


What is new?

  1. It is a so-called 'universal app'
    This application is now optimized for iPhone and iPad, so that modules once purchased can be installed on iPhone and iPad without having to pay several times. It is even possible to use them on other iPhones.


  2. The app itself is free of charge and the special modules are available via in-app purchases.
    A reasonably priced full version with all modules is also available.


  3. Support for iCloud Drive
    iCloud Drive (64x64)    

    In particular, you will appreciate this functionality if you use multiple iOS devices. MobiFolders 3 displays iCloud drive as a main folder, therefore you can decide yourself which files to put in iCloud.


  4. Data migration from MobiFolders 2
    We made a major programming effort to allow you a convenient transfer of your data from the previous version to the new. MobiFolders 3 takes over all data and also definitions of accounts, as they were there from the beginning.


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