What to do when the App crashes?

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Published on 02 October 2012


Normally files in MobiFolders can be opened easily in the supported formats and the program does not crash.

It is likely that the operating system closes the program without warning which looks like a crash. Such mechanisms are built into the operating system and are not predictable for the affected program. In our opinion there are usually too many open programs which lead to the shortage of system resources. It is most often the cause of the crash.

This way of functioning of the operating system apparently causes errors because our program is not fully closed. Under such circumstances opening a simple program leads to non-reproducible errors and the program "crashes" again and again in various places which normally work properly.

For the above reasons, we recommend to close the program completely in case of a supposed crash and not to open it directly

It is also recommendable to sometimes restart the iPad to avoid problems with the operating system. Especially, if despite a restart of the program, further crashes occur in various places we recommend to restart the iPad. To achieve the full effect of the restart process, all programs should be closed before switching off the iPad completely.

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