How to connect a PC or MAC with MobiFolders?

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Published on 02 October 2012
MobiFolders integrates a WebDAV server for quick and easy data exchange with other devices. MobiFolders supports this service for security reasons only over Wi-Fi.
The operating mode of each WebDAV server is passive and the client takes the active role. 
In modern operating systems (Windows Vista and 7 as well as MAC OS X) a well-functioning WebDAV client is already installed.  Windows XP behaves slightly differently so we discussed this issue in a separate post, see: How to connect Windows XP with WebDAV server.

Starting with version 2 MobiFolders offers an introduction to the WebDAV Server as a PDF document.

If the connection has been established in MAC or Windows your MobiFolders, similar to an external hard drive, can be seen in the Finder or Explorer. MobiFolders gets assigned a drive letter and you can execute the following operations: perform copy, move, rename folders and files as usual.
Please note that the connection is established without using an Internet browser! Under MAC the Finder and under Windows the Explorer (File Explorer) will be used.
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