There are known problems of WebDAV?

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Published on 02 October 2012
Basically, there are only a few (known) problems relating to the WebDAV server integrated in MobiFolders.
In most cases, if the connection could not be rebuilt from the PC or MAC to MobiFolders, it was because the users had forgotten to activate the server in MobiFolders. Please remember:
  • first select the "WebDAV Server" button in MobiFolders (Import)
  • then build the connection from your PC or MAC

A further problem can be that the iPad is not connected to  the same network as the PC or MAC. It is of course imperative that both devices are in the same network. The iPad has Wi-Fi and the PC can be connected to the network via a LAN cable or WiFi.

On some versions of Windows 7, especially when many small files are copied, we noted a remarkably slow transmission speed. The solution for this problem is already described in the user guide, which is available in MobiFolders under "Help". Click here if you want to read this chapter.

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