Why is MobiFolders under "Open in..." not included by other programs?

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Published on 02 October 2012

No Program under iOS can directly access to the files of other program. Therefore the function "Open in...", which exists in many programs and also in MobiFolders, in actually is a function of the operating system (iOS).
If applying the function "Open in..." from another program, and MobiFolders is not listed in can have the following causes:

  • Under iOS 5 mostly because there are already too many programs on the iPad assigned to the affected file type (only a limited number of programs can be listed). Deleting programs that are no longer needed, could solve the problem.
  • The affected file type is not supported by MobiFolders. You will find here the list of supported file types.
  • The iOS has a problem or is in an unstable state. The restart could bring a workaround, however, all applications should be closed completely.
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